DH Drone

India’s first Palm-sized ”programmable” drone made for school and college students to learn about drone systems, with self-made hardware and software.

P.S. This is not India's first palm-sized drone, rather this is the first palm-sized "programmable" drone. There are many palm-sized drones out there, but this is probably the first one that is fully programmable using Arduino IDE by students. Kindly note the difference.

>> Features Include:

  • Controlled using WiFi with an android app, so no additional remote is needed.

  • Chargeable using a simple mobile charger with a micro USB cable.

  • Fully Programmable using Arduino IDE.

  • Palm-Sized and lightweight (< 70 grams).

  • Made using self-made flight controller hardware and software.

  • Self Designed 3D Printed frame.

  • On-board charging indication and status LEDs.

  • Continuous flight time of 4-5 mins on a single charge.

  • 6 DOF Sensor Fusion for the basic model and 7 DOF for the pro model.

  • Durable.

  • Harmless and safe.

  • Complete circuitry in less than 4x4cm sized PCB.

  • Auto-shutdown on crash detection.

  • Auto shutdown if the WiFi connection gets broken.

  • Auto-shutdown on low battery.

  • Easy to control.


Kit contents include all the necessary hardware needed to assemble the drone along with testing code, flying hex file, android app, pdf manual, and packing box.

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Finished Model
Finished Model

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Finished Model
Finished Model

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Finished Model
Finished Model

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To know more details, download the detailed documentation >>