The First-ever indigenously developed MADE IN INDIA Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) for all kinds of Drones and UAVs.

Features Include:

  • Voltage Rating: 3S - 6S LiPo Battery.

  • Current Rating: 30A Continuous, 35A burst.

  • Firmware: Latest version of blheli_S.

  • Supported Protocols: PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot, DSHOT150,  DSHOT300, DSHOT600 (Auto detected on startup).

  • Full NMOS design with ultra-low resistance Mosfets.

  • Dedicated Mosfet Driver for driving triple phases.

  • Bigger package Mosfets for better heat dissipation.

  • Modular Sandwiched PCB design with an air gap in between, for better heat dissipation and better repairability.

  • High-grade original components used.

  • PCB Size : 4.06cm x 2.47cm.

  • Weighs only 17g including "Input Capacitor" and "Input Power Wires".

  • Fully Programmable using blheli_S configurator using only the signal wire.

  • Water-resistant model also available.

  • MADE IN INDIA (>75%).

Blheli_S Configuration options include:

  • Startup Power.

  • Temperature Protection.

  • Low RPM Power Protec.

  • Motor Direction.

  • Demag Compensation.

  • Motor Timing.

  • Throttle Range Setting.

  • Brake on Stop.

  • Beep and Signal Volumes.

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