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The BAJRANG Drone Series


The “Bajrang Drone Series” refers to a series of drones that are built keeping redundancy, versatility, scalability, reliability, and effectiveness in mind.

It is a professional, long-endurance, multi-role platform drone series that supports a wide variety of payload options and is capable enough to fulfill a wide variety of tasks such as Surveillance, Photography and Videography, 2D and 3D Mapping, Small Payload Delivery, Multispectral Data Collection, Thermal Data Collection, etc.

The drone is designed specifically for high-end tasks and is made using the world's best drone avionics hardware systems for unmatched performance. Clubbed with custom software integrations, the drone also offers an "Accurate Target GR Tracking System", to track target coordinates.

>> Main Features Include:


  • Full carbon fiber foldable frame and foldable propellers for increased durability and easy transportation.

  • Powered with redundant coaxial propulsion for in-flight motor failure handling capability, ensuring flight safety.

  • Powered with the world's best Triple Redundant IMU systems for reliability.

  • Uses an RTK-capable "All-constellation Multi-frequency" GPS system.

  • No dependence on the electronic compass for Yaw estimation. Fully immune to magnetic interference, ensuring maximum heading reliability.

  • Continuous flight time of 45 - 60 minutes on a single charge, depending on payload configuration.

  • 15 Km LOS range which comes with a proper Ground Station fully integrated into a hand-held transmitter with a touch screen.

  • Live "Full HD 1080p 60fps" digital video streaming capability from the drone to GCS along with Duplex Telemetry for all flight parameters.

  • On-board ADS-B Receiver for sensing and avoiding any nearby manned aircraft(s).

  • Maximum payload capability of up to 2 kg.

  • All-Up-Weight of 4.7Kg to 6.7Kg depending on payload configuration.

  • All communications and video between the drone and the GCS are encrypted.

  • Ability to fly even in a GPS-denied environment or in case of a GPS hack.

  • Fully autonomous waypoint mission capability on the go.

  • Quick-swappable battery changing system. Battery swap in just 10 seconds.

  • Offers great wind resistance and high cruise speed.

  • Developed in INDIA.

>> Features available on request include:

  • RTK base station for achieving absolute accuracies of up to 1cm.

  • Payload Dropping Mechanism for cargo operations.

  • "Target GR Tracking" software, with which the drone can calculate and display the accurate target coordinates of the location where the drone's camera (mounted on a gimbal) is looking with less than 15m accuracies in both WGS84 and Indian GR format.

  • Ability to fly in mild rain.

  • Downward-facing Sonar for accurate and smooth automatic landings.

  • NPNT Compliance.

  • Longer control ranges of up to 100 km.

>> Payload Options:

  • 4K daytime camera with 6x Zoom on a 3-axis Gimbal.

  • MicaSense RedEdge P Multi-spectral camera, or similar.

  • Full HD daytime camera with up to 30x Optical Zoom on a 3-axis Gimbal.

  • Full HD day/night Active IR camera (up to 750m detection range) with Gimbal.

  • Thermal camera of 640p resolution and up to 50mm Lens with Gimbal.

  • Camera with Laser Range Finder (LRF).

  • Combinations of (Optical + LRF) or (Optical + Thermal) or (Optical + Thermal + LRF) or (Optical + IR + Thermal + LRF) payloads with Gimbal.

>> Practical applications:

Surveillance and Photography, Cargo Delivery, Mapping and Survey, Powerline Inspection, Wind Turbine Inspection, Agriculture Planning, Disaster Management, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Anti-terror, Border Security, etc.

>> Trademark Info:

Trademark applications have already been filed (and Accepted) for the names "Bajrang Drone" and "Bajrang UAV" under different trademark classes.

Some videos that'll make your day better :

Bajrang Drone v3.0 Flight Tests
Bajrang Drone v3.0 RTK Accuracy Tests
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