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The BAJRANG Drone Series

A professional, long-endurance, multi-role platform drone designed specifically for high-end surveillance tasks at high altitudes, low temperatures, and harsh environments.

Having the capability to carry top-line surveillance equipment(s) and low-weight cargo, clubbed with "Payload Dropping Mechanisms" and an "Accurate Target GR Tracking system", for the INDIAN ARMED FORCES.

Made using the world's best drone avionics systems.

>> Features Include:

  • Full carbon fiber foldable frame and foldable propellers for increased durability and easy transportation.

  • x8 Motor configuration for greatest motor failure handling capability.

  • Continuous flight time of 60 minutes on a single charge (with TI camera + Gimbal).

  • Maximum 20 Km range which comes with a proper Ground Station fully integrated into a hand-held transmitter with a touch screen, in a noise-free and obstruction-free environment.

  • Powered with the world's best Triple Redundant IMU systems for the greatest reliability.

  • On-board ADS-B Receiver for sensing and avoiding any nearby manned aircraft(s).

  • Able to carry 3 Kg Cargo in emergency situations with a Payload Dropping Mechanism available.

  • Clubbed with "Target GR Tracking" software, it can calculate and display the accurate target coordinates of the location where the drone's camera (mounted on a gimbal) is looking with less than 15m accuracies in both WGS84 and Indian GR format.

  • Able to fly in harsh environments up to 6000m ASL even in mild rain.

  • Great wind resistance and high cruise speed.

  • Takeoff weight: 4.7 Kg (With TI Camera + Gimbal).

  • Live "Full HD 1080p 60fps" digital video streaming capability from the drone to GCS along with all flight parameters.

  • All communications and video between the drone and the GCS are encrypted.

  • Downward-facing Sonar for accurate and smooth automatic landings.

  • Ability to fly even in a GPS-denied environment or in case of a GPS hack.

  • Fully autonomous waypoint mission capability on the go.

  • Absolutely silent from 30 meters away.

  • High accuracy, RTK compatible, and noise immune communication GPS module used.

  • Industrial-grade motors and Gold plated connectors used for supreme durability.

  • NPNT Compliance available.

  • Developed in INDIA.

>> Payload Options:

  • 4K daytime camera with Gimbal.

  • Full HD day/night Active IR camera (Upto 500m detection range) with Gimbal.

  • Thermal camera of 640p resolution (Upto 3Km detection range) with Gimbal.

  • Multi-spectral camera.

  • Small FPV camera for 3 Kg Cargo operations.

>> Practical applications: Surveillance and Photography, Cargo Delivery, Mapping and Survey, Powerline Inspection, Wind Turbine Inspection, Agriculture Planning, Disaster Management, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, and Anti-terror.

Note: Currently this product is only available on special orders, and is NOT available in the public domain due to safety reasons. Made on special requirements for Unique Drone Systems.

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